1 December 2020

What is the FBM Amazon sales model?

What is the FBM model? FBM (short for Fulfillment by Merchant ) is a sales model in which the merchant is responsible for the entire sales process, including warehousing, packaging, shipping of goods, and handling complaints and returns. How does the FBM model sales work? Storage – The Seller must provide a storage area in […]

27 November 2020

What is the FBA sales model on Amazon?

What is the FBA model? FBA (short for Fulfillment by Amazon) is a sales model in which the entire logistics process, i.e. storage, packaging and shipping, is transferred to Amazon. How does the sales process work in the FBA model? Shipping of goods to Amazon warehouse The first step is to send goods to Amazon […]

22 September 2020

What is VAT-OSS? Changes in VAT settlements in the EU in 2021

Do you buy or intend to buy goods outside the European Union? Or maybe you have contractors who would like to buy your products and are also from outside the EU? Before you start to make such transactions you should try to get an EORI number. This number is required in all contacts with customs and tax authorities throughout the European Union.

14 August 2020

When should I register for VAT on sales on Amazon?

When should I register for VAT in another country? Do I have to register for VAT abroad? I have exceeded my mail order limit and what now? Can I voluntarily register for VAT in another country? When you sell your goods abroad, questions start to arise about where to pay VAT and when I need […]

5 August 2020

How to sell on Amazon?

How to sell on Amazon? How to register, what account to choose, how to add products, what is listing, how to send products to customers to meet Amazon requirements? These are just some of the questions a reseller should consider if they want to start operating on Amazon.

24 April 2020

How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon is a sales platform that allows you to sell your products to customers from different countries, not only from Poland. Increasing the sales reach is the first and effective step to gain more customers. If you want to start selling through Amazon, you should become familiar with some important rules that will make the […]

15 April 2020

Where are the Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe?

Amazon warehouses in Europe are located in 7 countries. This greatly facilitates the work of retailers who have used Amazon FBA instead of Amazon FBM. It also affects the speed with which the goods reach the customer, and it is often a Prime product. So what are the exact addresses of Amazon warehouses in the European Union and where can you send your goods?

20 March 2020

Brexit and Amazon – What does the British exit from the European Union mean for retailers?

On Friday January 31, 2020 at 11:00 p.m. British time (i.e. at midnight in Poland), after 47 years, the United Kingdom ceased to be a member of the European Union. From the very beginning Brexit in the British Isles was associated with a single word – “chaos.” Sellers of their goods on Amazon should know the possible consequences of the British exit from the European Union.

2 March 2020

Amazon.pl? Amazon in Poland in 2020

Amazon will launch its service in Poland by the end of 2020, according to “Gazeta Wyborcza.” Amazon.pl can change a lot on the Polish e-commerce market. It is said that the Polish Post Office has undergone qualitative tests and it is this institution that will deal with the delivery of Amazon products

18 February 2020

22F Certificate. New requirement for Amazon.de, eBay.de.

Od 1 października 2019 roku wszedł w życie nowy obowiązek podatkowy dla sprzedawców na platformie sprzedażowej Amazon.de i eBay.de, który zobowiązuje ich do załadowania na platformę certyfikatu podatkowego UstG 22F. Jeżeli tego nie zrobią, stracą możliwość sprzedaży na Amazon.de lub eBay.de.From October 1, 2019 a new tax obligation came into force for sellers on the Amazon.de and eBay.de sales platform, which obliges them to load the UstG 22F tax certificate on the platform. If they do not do so, they will lose the opportunity to sell on Amazon.de and/or eBay.de.

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