15 January 2021

What VAT applies in France?

VAT we Francji nazywany jest taxe sur la valeur ajoutée – w skrócie TVA i obowiązuje od 1954 roku. We Francji istnieje 5 stawek VAT. Podstawowa stawka VAT we Francji wynosi 20% i ma zastosowanie do wszystkich towarów i usług, które nie są objęte stawkami obniżonymi.

12 January 2021

What VAT applies in Austria?

The standard VAT rate in Austria is 20% and covers all products and services not covered by the reduced rates of 13% and 10% and the zero rate. In connection with COVID-19, the Austrian government reduced the VAT rate to 5% for certain goods and services.

8 January 2021

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Pan-European FBA?

What is the Pan-European FBA? Pan-European FBA is one of the options available to use the Fulfillment by Amazon. Apart from the fact that Amazon takes over the whole process of storing and shipping goods, it also has the possibility of products between warehouses throughout the European Union. What is the Pan-European FBA? Shipment of […]

2 January 2021

Distance selling thresholds in EU in 2021

In recent years, e-commerce sales have been growing very dynamically, which can be seen on the example of the Amazon platform. If selling online, there are also tax issues related to VAT reporting in different countries.

22 December 2020

What are the ways of advertising on Amazon?

Sales of your products without advertising are possible, but everyone knows very well that it pays to use it. If you are considering advertising your products on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is change your account from Basic to Pro.

18 December 2020

What are the sales costs on Amazon?

Sales costs on Amazon Amazon is a platform offering not only online sales brokerage but also various services related to storage, packaging, shipping and return of goods ordered by the customer. Selling your products online is simple and has many benefits, such as the ability to distribute them outside the country and reach many different […]

11 December 2020

VAT after Brexit

From January 1st, 2021 Great Britain will no longer be part of the European Union VAT regime. As a consequence, the rules of taxation and documentation of deliveries of goods transported from the territory of the European Union will change. The United Kingdom will also introduce new rules for VAT settlements of sales through marketplaces […]

4 December 2020

Extra-EU export of goods on Amazon

The benefits of selling goods on the Amazon platform seem obvious, and the dynamic development of a company that decides to cooperate with this global giant is the most important one.

1 December 2020

What is the FBM Amazon sales model?

What is the FBM model? FBM (short for Fulfillment by Merchant ) is a sales model in which the merchant is responsible for the entire sales process, including warehousing, packaging, shipping of goods, and handling complaints and returns. How does the FBM model sales work? Storage – The Seller must provide a storage area in […]

27 November 2020

What is the FBA sales model on Amazon?

What is the FBA model? FBA (short for Fulfillment by Amazon) is a sales model in which the entire logistics process, i.e. storage, packaging and shipping, is transferred to Amazon. How does the sales process work in the FBA model? Shipping of goods to Amazon warehouse The first step is to send goods to Amazon […]

24 November 2020

What is the EORI number and how to get it?

Do you buy or intend to buy goods outside the European Union? Or maybe you have contractors who would like to buy your products and are also from outside the EU? Before you start to make such transactions you should try to get an EORI number. This number is required in all contacts with customs […]

20 November 2020

What is Intrastat?

Regular trade within the European Union does not differ a lot from normal national transactions because there are no customs duties or additional obligations. However, it may happen that if you exceed certain thresholds for sales or purchases with contractors from other Community countries, you will be required to submit Intrastat declarations. What is Intrastat? […]

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