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Najpopularniejsze platformy e-commerce w 2023 roku
E-commerce platforms in 2023

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for an online shop seems to become increasingly more challenging with each passing year. Competing solutions are racing to outdo each other on many levels, […]

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Narzędzia e-commerce
20 e-commerce tools that support your business development

Running an e-commerce business requires a constant, comrehensive, hands-on approach. A steady growth depends on a wide range of factors – from online sales and SEO, to logistics and customer […]

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VAT w Chorwacji
What is the VAT rate in Croatia?

VAT (value-added tax), or value-added tax, was introduced in Croatia in 1998. In addition to the standard 25% rate, some products and services are subject to reduced rates of 13% […]

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Firmy wspierające e-commerce
What companies can assist in the development of e-commerce?

The recent boom of the e-commerce industry means that we have an increasing number of specialised agencies popping up on the market, like mushroom after the rain, offering dedicated services […]

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VAT w Holandii
What VAT rates apply in the Netherlands?

VAT (value-added tax), the tax on goods and services, was introduced in the Netherlands in 1969 and was set at 12%. Currently, the standard VAT rate in the Netherlands stands […]

Najpopularniejsze platformy e-commerce w 2023 roku
E-commerce platforms in 2023

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for an online shop seems to become increasingly more challenging with each passing year. Competing solutions are racing to outdo each other on many levels, […]

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What is the applicable VAT rate in Slovakia?

VAT (value-added tax) on the sale of goods and services was introduced in Slovakia in 1993. As of today, the standard VAT rate in Slovakia is 20%, with certain products […]

VAT Romania

In Romania, VAT (value-added tax), a tax on goods and services, was introduced in 1993. In addition to the 19% rate, certain products and services are subject to reduced rates […]

Amazon FBA costs – is this model worth it for me?

One of the key things that sets Amazon apart from competing marketplaces is its FBA, i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon, sales model. It relies on vendors shipping their inventory to Amazon’s […]

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VAT Czechy
VAT Czech Republic

Value-added tax (VAT) Czech Republic applies in four variants. In addition to the standard rate of 21%, there are two reduced rates, namely 15% and 10%, as well as a […]

Marketplace platforms – why are they worth taking a closer look at?

Marketplace platforms continue to grow in popularity and increasingly retailers admit that it is these channels that are receiving the most attention. The question is whether it is a good […]

Czym jest model Seller Fulfilled Prime na Amazon?
What exactly is the Seller Fulfilled Prime model offered by Amazon?

One of the criteria that is fundamental to succeed on Amazon is a speedy and reliable shipping process as well as possible product returns. To achieve this, most sellers take […]

Is selling on Amazon worth it?

In the last few years, the world’s largest marketplace has triggered an e-commerce gold rush. Year after year, Amazon has been opening up platforms in more markets, and sellers from […]

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Social proof in foreign markets, in other words, how to build trust?

Strategies for foreign market penetration or conquest vary from exporting, to opening subsidiaries, to corporate mergers. Expansion is often accompanied by financial, legal and… social matters. That’s why, no matter […]

Amazon’s list of prohibited products

Amazon is known for its very strict seller policies. Learn about Amazon’s full list of restricted products before Amazon blocks your account. Below you will find a complete list of […]

co sprzedawac na Amazon
What can be sold on Amazon?

Due to a number of factors, mainly the pandemic, in the recent years the growth of the e-commerce industry has accelerated very rapidly. Due to the need to survive and […]

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Cross-border ecommerce logistics: a comprehensive guide

International online sales are a sign of the times. Not only big brands and well-known sales platforms such as Shopee, Aliexpress, or Amazon but also owners of smaller companies are […]

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VAT terminy
VAT – Settlement deadlines in Poland and Europe

Expanding e-commerce operations into more countries brings a number of challenges. Many of these, such as translating offers or the dispatch process, can be duplicated for any subsequent market without […]

So what is an ASIN number?

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is an internal number automatically assigned by Amazon when listing products. It can be found in the product URL and in the additional information on […]

Who is allowed to sell on Amazon?

The huge number of product categories and Amazon’s exponential growth into more markets shows just how much opportunity the platform offers sellers in a number of industries. Artisanal food producers […]

jak zwiększyć sprzedaż na platformach marketplace
How to increase sales on marketplace platforms?

In an era of tremendous competitiveness in the e-commerce industry, diversifying sales is one of the basic steps not only to grow a company, but also to increase its profits. That's why it makes sense to tap the potential of marketplace platforms, which are currently the most dynamic branch of e-commerce. Learn how to optimize your sales strategy on marketplaces and take your business to a new, higher level.

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Rozwój rumuńskiego e-commerce
Development of Romanian e-commerce as an opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs

Polish entrepreneurs running online shops are becoming increasingly keen to open up sales abroad, not only to the neighbouring countries, but also to markets further afield.

Zasady sprzedazy wysyłkowej do Wielkiej Brytanii
Rules for distance selling to the UK

Post Brexit, businesses appear less keen to undertake mail order sales from Poland to UK customers. This is due to the uncertainty related to the new legal formalities.

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Ile wynosi prowizja Amazon?
How much is Amazon’s commission and what other costs do sellers incur?

By joining Amazon, you gain access to the international marketplace, and thus the opportunity to earn a lot of money. The platform often goes out of its way to meet […]

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Jak sprawdzić numer EORI
How to verify an EORI number by TIN?

When planning to buy or sell goods to non-EU countries, you must remember about the necessary formalities. One of them is to obtain an EORI number, which is necessary for […]

Excess inventory – competitive advantage or margin killer?

If you are running an e-commerce business, you are certainly well aware that keeping inventory levels at an appropriate, safe level tends to be a demanding job. Neither the situation, […]

Jakie są przyczyny braku dostępności
What are the reasons behind product unavailability on e-commerce stores?

The summer season is approaching and it’s time to buy new sports equipment. You are about to place an order on Amazon for some new clothes and accessories. It’s not […]

Jak sprzedawać na Zalando
How to sell on Zalando?

Perhaps not everyone is aware, but the Zalando platform also has an partner program — Connected Retail, which allows you to sell products via this platform. How do I start […]

co jest konieczne aby sprzedawać na niemieckim amazonie
What do you need in order to start selling on Amazon in Germany?

How to prepare for online sales in Germany? Here you will find complete information on Amazon’s sales models and tax issues.

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what is DDMRP
What is DDMRP and how does it enable companies to better prepare for dynamic market conditions?

Based on the sales results, we estimated that the demand for our product should increase by about 15% compared to the previous year. Therefore, we plan production and order the […]

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Cross-border e-commerce. What can be done to successfully go abroad with an online store?

Despite the globalization of the modern world also in the area of trade, still, each local e-commerce market has its own characteristics. What can be done to successfully conquer the […]

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Kiedy wymagana jest rejestracja do VAT przy sprzedaży online
When is VAT registration in a foreign country required for online sales?

Would you like to sell products abroad? Are you thinking about tax issues? This article will tell you when is required VAT registration abroad and how this procedure works.  

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Who is affected by VAT-OSS?

Are you an online seller? Do you sell via platforms such as Amazon, eBay? In this article, you will find out who is affected by VAT OSS.  

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Data in e-commerce
Data in E-commerce. Challenge or opportunity?

How to aggregate data in omnichannel selling? Why understanding and analyzing of data in e-commerce is so important? Must read it.  

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vat services on Amazon
VAT Services on Amazon: difference to Taxology

How to get started selling on Amazon compliance with the VAT rules in the EU? Are VAT services on Amazon the only solution? What is the cost? In this article, […]

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All you need to know about Amazon FC Processing and FC Transfer

Do you sell on the Amazon FBA model? You must know what is FC Processing and FC Transfer on the Amazon platform. Foremost, check if accountants report inventory moves to […]

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How to charge VAT on the Intra-Community distance sales of goods in other EU countries

Intra-Community distance sales of goods are simply mail-order sales of goods to private customers from European Union countries.    

Amazon księgowość a usługi VAT compliance
Amazon accounting vs VAT compliance services

Do you sell internationally via Amazon or eBay? Are you sick and tired of the constant changes in the tax regulations? Do you want to make sure you are settling […]

What is VAT-OSS? Changes to VAT settlements in the EU for online retailers – Amazon, eBay, online shops

The VAT-OSS (Value Added Tax – One-Stop-Shop) procedure, in force from the 1st of July 2021, facilitates the distance selling of goods between EU countries. Will this really remove the […]

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How to apply VAT to goods sold to a UK customer

BREXIT has raised many doubts about the settlement of VAT for sales to UK counterparts. Depending on the value of the transaction, the channel of sale, and the status of […]

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VAT-OSS – rules and impact on VAT settlements for Amazon sales

The VAT-OSS procedure is due to come into force as early as 1 July 2020, hopefully facilitating distance sales of goods between EU countries. Will it really make it possible […]

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Co to jest SKU?
What is a SKU – the role of SKU codes in commerce

If you sell products online, you must have some sort of way to track them. If our product has a range of colour or size variants, or is sold in […]

There’s an agreement between Britain and the European Union

January 1, 2021. Britain has left the EU’s single market and customs union and all EU policies. As a result, it lost all the rights and benefits it had as […]

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Distance selling treshold
Distance selling thresholds in EU in 2021

In recent years, e-commerce sales have been growing very dynamically, which can be seen in the example of the Amazon platform. If selling online, there are also tax issues related […]

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VAT after Brexit

What does Brexit mean for online sellers? Which VAT obligations must be met? How should you settle VAT after Brexit? Below you will find a short summary of the most […]

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How to sell your products all over Europe on Amazon, or Pan-European FBA

A natural choice for retailers who plan to grow their business and generate increased profits on the Amazon platform is the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which allows them to […]

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VAT in Poland
VAT in Poland

The Value Added Tax was introduced in Poland in 1993 but since then regulations were amended many times. Currently, VAT in Poland is a part of the European common system […]

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What VAT applies in Spain?

Value-added tax (PTU) is a value-added tax, which is a tax on the increase in the value of goods as a result of the production process or creation of services. […]

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What VAT applies in Sweden?

In Sweden, VAT has been in force since 1960. There are four VAT rates in Sweden. The basic rate of Swedish Mervärdeskatt (moms) (VAT) is 25% and applies to most […]

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What is the EORI number and how to get it?

Are you going to import goods outside the European Union? Or maybe you have contractors from outside the EU who would like to buy your products? Before you start making […]

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vat we włoszech
What VAT applies in Italy?

The VAT or IVA (Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto) has been in force in Italy since 1972. The basic VAT rate in Italy is 22% and covers all products and services […]

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Co to jest Intrastat?
What is Intrastat?

Regular trade within the European Union does not differ a lot from normal national transactions because there are no customs duties or additional obligations. However, it may happen that if […]

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What VAT applies in Austria?

Value-added tax (PTU) is a value-added tax, which is a tax on the increase in the value of goods as a result of the production process or creation of services. […]

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What VAT applies in France?

VAT in France is called the taxe sur la valeur ajoutée – short for TVA and has been in force since 1954. There are 5 VAT rates in France. The […]

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vat w niemczech
What VAT applies in Germany?

VAT (value-added tax) in the local language is “Mehrwertsteuer,” and the acronym VAT is translated as “MWSt.” Find out what are the VAT rates in Germany and when the obligation […]

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vat w wielkiej brytanii
What VAT applies in the UK?

VAT has been in force in the UK since 1973, when the UK joined the European Union. The basic VAT rate in the UK is 20% and covers all products […]

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amazon warehouses fulfillment center
Where are the Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe?

Amazon warehouses in Europe are located in 7 countries. This greatly facilitates the work of retailers who have used Amazon FBA instead of Amazon FBM. It also affects the speed […]

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vat oss zmiany w rozliczeniach
What is VAT-OSS? Changes in VAT settlements in the EU in 2021

What is the VAT-OSS (One-Stop-Shop) that will be introduced in 2021 in the EU? Who will be able to use the VAT-OSS billing system? How to prepare for VAT-OSS? VAT-OSS […]

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Brexit and online sales changes
Brexit and online sales: Changes in the EFN and PAN-EU model in the UK and new VAT obligations

What changes for Amazon vendors does BREXIT, the exit of the UK from the European Union, bring about? How will sales in EFN and PAN-EU model look like after BREXIT? […]

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How to sell on Amazon?

How to sell on Amazon? How to register, what account to choose, how to add products, what is listing, how to send products to customers to meet Amazon requirements? These […]

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Extra-EU export of goods on Amazon

The benefits of selling goods on the Amazon platform seem obvious, and the dynamic development of the company that decides to cooperate with this global giant is the most important […]

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VAT what you should know
VAT – what you should know when selling online

VAT, VAT registration, and VAT settlements are quite a problem for online sellers operating within the European Union. Differences between the rate depending on the country, the VAT sales limit […]

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Logistyka towarów na Amazon
Goods logistics on Amazon – where are the goods sent from?

The position of the international tycoon in Internet trade is both a privilege and a curse. On the one hand, you can enjoy huge profits, which allow Amazon to enter […]

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advertising on Amazon
What are the ways of advertising on Amazon?

Sales of your products without advertising are possible, but everyone knows very well that it pays to use it. If you are considering advertising your products on Amazon, the first […]

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What is fba
What is the FBA sales model on Amazon?

Are you wondering which sales model to choose on Amazon? In this article, you will learn everything about the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) model.

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Amazon FBM
What is the FBM Amazon sales model?

FBM Amazon (short for Fulfillment by Merchant) is a sales model in which the merchant is responsible for the entire sales process, including warehousing, packaging, shipping of goods, and handling […]

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what is Pan-European FBA
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Pan-European FBA?

Pan-European FBA is one of the options available to use the Fulfillment by Amazon. Apart from the fact that Amazon takes over the whole process of storing and shipping goods, […]

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register for VAT
When should I register for VAT on sales on Amazon?

When should I register for VAT in another country? Do I have to register for VAT abroad? I have exceeded my mail order limit and what now? Can I voluntarily […]

Read in: 3 min Amazon in Poland in 2020

Amazon will launch its service in Poland by the end of 2020, according to “Gazeta Wyborcza”. can change a lot on the Polish e-commerce market. It is said that […]

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Certificate 22f
22F Certificate. New requirement for,

From October 1, 2019 a new tax obligation came into force for sellers on the and sales platform, which obliges them to load the UstG 22F tax certificate […]

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Brexit and Amazon
Brexit and Amazon – What does the British exit from the European Union mean for retailers?

On Friday, January 31st 2020 at 11:00 pm GMT Great Britain, after 47 years ceased to be a member of the European Union. From the outset, Brexit in the British […]

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start selling on amazon
How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon is a sales platform that allows you to sell your products to customers from different countries, not only from Poland. Increasing the sales reach is the first and most […]

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costs on Amazon
What are the sales costs on Amazon?

Do I have to pay Amazon if I sell on Amazon? In this article, you will learn about what kinds of costs on Amazon are incurred by sellers.    

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