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Inventory management

Excess inventory – competitive advantage or margin killer?

If you are running an e-commerce business, you are certainly well aware that keeping inventory levels at an appropriate, safe level tends to be a demanding job. Neither the situation, […]

Jakie są przyczyny braku dostępności
What are the reasons behind product unavailability on e-commerce stores?

The summer season is approaching and it’s time to buy new sports equipment. You are about to place an order on Amazon for some new clothes and accessories. It’s not […]

what is DDMRP
What is DDMRP and how does it enable companies to better prepare for dynamic market conditions?

Based on the sales results, we estimated that the demand for our product should increase by about 15% compared to the previous year. Therefore, we plan production and order the […]

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All you need to know about Amazon FC Processing and FC Transfer

Do you sell on the Amazon FBA model? You must know what is FC Processing and FC Transfer on the Amazon platform. Foremost, check if accountants report inventory moves to […]

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amazon warehouses fulfillment center
Where are the Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe?

Amazon warehouses in Europe are located in 7 countries. This greatly facilitates the work of retailers who have used Amazon FBA instead of Amazon FBM. It also affects the speed […]

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Logistyka towarów na Amazon
Goods logistics on Amazon – where are the goods sent from?

The position of the international tycoon in Internet trade is both a privilege and a curse. On the one hand, you can enjoy huge profits, which allow Amazon to enter […]

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