How to start selling on Amazon?

  • Last update: 23.02.2024
  • Published: 27.01.2020
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Amazon is a sales platform that allows you to sell your products to customers from different countries, not only from Poland. Increasing the sales reach is the first and most effective step to gaining more customers.

If you want to start selling through Amazon, you should become familiar with some important rules that will make the platform easier to navigate. See what to know and pay attention to.How to start selling on Amazon?

How to sell on Amazon? Start by choosing an account

The first thing you need to do to sell your products on the Amazon platform is to choose an account. Available options for merchants are a Basic Account and a Pro Account.

How do they differ from each other? First of all, the options and the payment you have to make for using a particular account.

The Basic account on Amazon is free of charge, but limits the vendor to the number of products offered – you can sell up to 40 products per month. Importantly, in addition to the commission for each product that you manage to sell, you have to pay Amazon 0.99 EUR or 0.75 GBP.

The Pro Account offers an unlimited number of products. The cost of using the Pro Account is 39 EUR or 25 GBP and, in addition to the commission, this is the only fee the seller has to pay.

If you decide to use the Pro Account, you also gain a number of privileges, such as the option to add products in a collective file or manually create lists of offered items. The advantage is that you can start selling on Amazon with a Basic Account and later switch to a Pro Account if necessary.

Account on Amazon – how to create one?

You must know that selling through Amazon is dedicated to business. If you want to sell as an individual, unfortunately, this is not possible. Why?

This criterion allows you to additionally protect your customers and guarantee high-quality service. People who want to make a purchase through Amazon know that they choose products offered by verified and legal sellers.

To create a seller account on Amazon, you will need to prepare a photocopy of your identity card or company representative entered in the National Court Register in the specified format, a court record of the National Court Register, proof of residence, credit card number and account number to which the money from the sale of products will be transferred. Activation of the account ends with a phone call or confirmation of its validity by mail.

Amazon commissions

Amazon charges commissions for each product sold. The amount of commission depends on the category in which you offer your products and their price. On average, Amazon charges between 8 and 15%.

How much commission Amazon calculates for itself is variable and depends on various factors, so sellers should follow the topic regularly and take it into account in their sales plan. Amazon deducts the commissions for each product from the money which he pays the sellers.

Sales on Amazon – what else do you need to know?

Apart from the formal issues, remember to create a correct description of your product. It is best to include the brand name of the product, model name, product, type, number and colour in the title. Focus on the functionality of offered products and use the language of benefits.

Pay attention to the keywords, which must appear both in the title and in the main description. As far as photos are concerned, on Amazon, you can add 7 photos to the product. A comprehensive approach to presenting your products increases the chance to sell them.

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