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How do we prepare an offer?

We prepare a customised quote based on a detailed analysis of the client's needs and expectations.



We give you consultation free of charge to assess the situation of your company, as well as the scope of services and countries to be supported. We discuss the client’s key needs in terms of services and then check the scale of sales and the stage of entry into foreign markets.


Data collection

We collect the necessary data necessary to prepare the fee quotation:

  • the country where the company’s headquarters is located
  • sales channels
  • monthly number of transactions
  • the amount of countries to be registered
  • the amount of countries to handle VAT settlements
  • number of retroactive corrections (if any)
  • additional services expected to be included in the package

Analysis and fee quotation

We prepare the quotation based on the analysis of the collected information. In some cases, we can prepare several variants, so you have the opportunity to choose the best solution for your company.

Do you have additional questions?

We'd be happy to address any concerns you may have regarding the fee quotation process via email or phone call.

Get in touch with us

Do you know which specific service you need? E-mail us and we will prepare a free fee quotation just for you.

    Who has placed their trust in us:

    Trust is a key element in business partnerships. Due to our many years of experience, data security, as well as simple and transparent terms of cooperation, it is worth cooperating with us.

    Who has placed their trust in us:
    Who has placed their trust in us:
    Who has placed their trust in us:
    Who has placed their trust in us:
    Who has placed their trust in us: