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How do we prepare an offer?

We prepare a customised quote based on a detailed analysis of the client's needs and expectations.



We give you consultation free of charge to assess the situation of your company, as well as the scope of services and countries to be supported. We discuss the client’s key needs in terms of services and then check the scale of sales and the stage of entry into foreign markets.


Details gathering

We collect the necessary information to prepare a quote:

  • country of the company’s registration
  • sales channels
  • monthly number of transactions
  • countries for registration
  • countries for VAT settlements
  • number of adjustments / retroactive settlements (if any)
  • expected additional services in the package

Analysis and quote

We analyse the information we have gathered to prepare a quote. In some cases, we can prepare several options so that you can choose the best solution for your company.

Do you have any additional questions?

We will be glad to dispel any doubts you may have about the quotation process via email or during a call.

Contact us

Do you know exactly what service you need? Write to us and we will prepare a free quote for you.

    They trusted us:

    Our expertise, support and proprietary Taxology application are used by many companies. Here are some of them.

    They trusted us:
    They trusted us:
    They trusted us:
    They trusted us:

    Find out what our customers think

    First, we registered for VAT in Germany, then we registered it in the PAN-UE model for our e-commerce, and it all went very smoothly. We’ve been doing VAT settlement with taxology since 2018, and it’s going very well.

    Michał Janik PMO | Krosno

    Thanks to cooperation with taxology, we can be sure that our VAT for Amazon purposes is settled correctly in the European Union. Taxology carried out VAT registrations and ongoing VAT settlements very professionally. Therefore, Taxology is an excellent choice for all Amazon sellers.

    Lech Nitecki Owner | Ogrodosfera

    We have been working with Taxology for a short time but are fully satisfied - help in VAT OSS settlements and high-level consulting. In case of any problems, we can always ask for help.Previously, we have cooperated with another tax agency. Currently, we are in the process of transferring all our VAT settlements to Taxology.

    Dawid Gawin Owner | Musclepower

    Our cooperation with Taxology has been going on for several years, and we can count on professional service on many levels.They constantly adjust the warehouse management to our needs, for which we are incredibly grateful.

    Agnieszka Świestowska Board member | Atlanti

    We use the VAT compliance package. However, the most important thing for us was to automate the processes of VAT settlements, integrate with Amazon and create transparent reports for accounting.Taxology met our expectations in these matters; we are also satisfied with Pan-EU countries' registration and VAT settlements.

    Paweł Bogaczewicz CEO | BOGATECO

    We moved our settlements to Taxology due to dissatisfaction with the services of another agency. However, our cooperation has been going on for over two years, and we can thoroughly recommend Taxology services to all companies that need help with registration and VAT settlements in Europe.

    Rafał Milczarczyk Managing Director | M&Z

    We have been cooperating with Taxology since the beginning of 2020. It is a partner who listens to us and, at the same time, advises us with concern for our company. Furthermore, we value the knowledge and experience of Taxology experts who fully support us in VAT settlements in many European countries. Thanks to them, we no longer have to deal with VAT settlements and their deadlines or communication with tax offices. Therefore, we are sure that the issues of VAT settlements are in good hands.

    Karolina Bloch Manager of the Analysis and Controlling Department | SOXO