Invoicing - coming soon

The tool enables issuing VAT invoices for sale via the Amazon platform in accordance with the regulations in force in a given country. Invoices are issued automatically on the basis of data indicated in sales orders. In addition, they provide information on the rate and amount of VAT to be paid. Data on issued invoices can be exported in xls format.

SAF-T file generator - coming soon

The tool allows you to create Standard Audit File for Tax files in accordance with the local requirements of the VAT Act. SAF-T files are created based on VAT invoices issued using the invoicing module. SAF-T files can also be imported by most accounting systems. As a result, the SAF-T file generator enables the preparation of full and correct VAT settlements in the PAN-EU, including sales on the Amazon platform.

Integrations - coming soon

The tool enables data exchange between the Amazon platform and other accounting and storage systems – in particular regarding orders. In practice, the application downloads data from the Amazon platform and allows them to be synchronized to the selected system by providing a unique API key.

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