Comprehensive VAT support
We make VAT Compliance simple

  • Submit your VAT filings in the EU quickly and correctly
  • Efficiently distance selling threshold monitoring
  • Precise profitability analysis
  • Dynamic development of your e-commerce business.


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what makes us special

We are a consulting company that has been operating for years in the area of VAT compliance for e-commerce businesses operating in the European Union.

We provide comprehensive support in handling your VAT returns and in analyzing sales data.

  • We operate in accordance with currently binding law
  • We prepare VAT returns 100% correctly
  • We stick to set deadlines
  • We guarantee the support of experienced VAT consultants
  • We offer access to profitability analysis tools and sales support tools

Stay focused on your business. We’ll take care of your VAT calculations and filings.

Our offer

VAT Registration

We keep track of your obligations for VAT registration in EU countries and prepare all necessary documentation. We cover full registration process and we represent you in front of tax authorities. You don’t need to worry about gaining knowledge in this area and you can stay focused on developing your business.

VAT Filings

We prepare and submit VAT returns, as well as other required records (INTRASTAT etc.) to tax authorities. We make sure that everything complies with current tax regulations.

Sales Data Analysis

We prepare detailed reports on e-commerce sales, such as the analysis of your inventory and stock rotation, analysis of sales profitability for individual markets and products, forecasting of Amazon service costs. Thanks to those actions, you are constantly up to date!

VAT Software

Customer panel is to bring closer, facilitate, and automate the VAT settlement process. You can easily locate VAT summary, transactions, shipments. Taxology analyzes the distance selling thresholds to individual countries.

Our users about us:

Przewodnik VAT

Przewodnik VAT

Pobierz bezpłatny przewodnik

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