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Safely develop your
e-commerce internationally

We are a consulting company, specialising in VAT compliance and taxation. On a daily basis, we help e-commerce companies efficiently settle cross-border sales and transactions, in accordance with applicable laws. We offer advice in case of any issues, and solve tax problems.

We customise our service bundle to meet your individual needs

We create a tailored catalogue of services in order to address the individual needs of our clients. Depending on the scale and specific needs of your business, we will prepare an offer that meets all of your requirements.

E-commerce start-ups
Mature Ecommerce
  • 0 - 1 000 orders per month
  • 1 online shop or marketplace
    (Amazon, eBay etc.)
  • 1 warehousing country

What can we offer e-commerce start-ups?

  • Access to the Taxology application
  • VAT registration within the EU and UK
  • VAT compliance within the EU and UK
  • VAT OSS registration and compliance
  • Correct and timely VAT settlements
  • Accounting and sales reports
  • Ongoing contact with the tax authorities
  • 1 000 - 15 000 orders per month
  • 2 - 3 online shops + marketplaces
  • 2 - 5 warehousing countries

What can we offer a well-established e-commerce?

  • Access to our Taxology application
  • VAT, VAT OSS registration within the EU and UK
  • VAT calculation and settlement,VAT OSS within the EU and UK
  • Correct and timely VAT settlements
  • Dedicated reports in csv, xls, xml format
  • Ongoing contact with tax authorities
  • Optimisation of accounting processes
  • Tax audits and advisory
  • 15 000+ orders per month
  • Full omnichannel – store, multiple sales platforms
  • 5+ warehousing countries

What can we offer enterprises?

  • Access to the Taxology application
  • VAT and VAT OSS registration, settlements, calculations within the EU and UK
  • Correct and timely VAT settlements
  • Dedicated reports in csv,xls, xml format
  • Ongoing contact with tax authorities
  • Optimization of accounting processes, audits, tax advisory
  • Control of inventory and warehouse transfers
  • Inventory management

Which package is the most suitable solution for my company?

If you need support in identifying your company’s specific needs, we will be more than happy to assist you in evaluating your company’s situation and propose the best solution for you.

Receive comprehensive support, expertise and tools to develop your e-commerce abroad

  • VAT registration and settlement
  • VAT OSS procedure
  • We communicate with tax authorities on your behalf
  • sales reports
  • access to our Taxology application

Benefit from the tax law, accounting and warehouse management expertise provided by specialists:

  • accounting and workflow process design
  • comprehensive support for warehouse systems
  • tax audits and advisory services
  • omnichannel data analytics
250 + Clients Taxology in numbers
600 mln PLN The value of settled sales transactions carried out by our clients
5000 + Declarations made in 14 countries
14 years experience in the tax industry

Who has placed their trust in us:

Trust is a key element in business partnerships. Due to our many years of experience, data security, as well as simple and transparent terms of cooperation, make it worth cooperating with us.

Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:

Do you have any questions about VAT or cross-border sales?

We will help you dispel any doubts and advise you on the best solutions for your business.

Find out what our clients are saying about us

First we registered VAT in Germany, then we registered it in the PAN-EU model for our e-commerce and things went very smoothly. We have been performing VAT settlements with Taxology since 2018 and it is going swimmingly.

Michał Janik Michał Janik PMO | Krosno

Thanks to our cooperation with Taxology, we are confident that our VAT, in terms of Amazon's requirements, is correctly accounted for in the European Union. Taxology has handled the VAT registration and ongoing VAT settlements very professionally. Therefore, Taxology is an excellent choice for all Amazon vendors.

Lech Nitecki Owner | Ogrodosfera

We haven't been working with Taxology for a long time, but we are fully satisfied - assistance with OSS VAT settlements and the highest level of advice. If any problems emerge, we can always ask for their help. Previously, we worked with another tax agency. We are currently in the process of transferring all our VAT settlements to Taxology.

Dawid Gawin Owner | Musclepower

Our cooperation with Taxology has been going on for several years, and we have been able to rely on a multidimensional approach. They are constantly adjusting the warehouse management to our needs, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Agnieszka Swietowska Agnieszka Świestowska Board member | Atlanti

We have opted for the VAT compliance package. However, the most important thing for us was to automate VAT settlement processes, integrate them with Amazon and create transparent accounting reports. Taxology met our expectations in these matters, and we are also satisfied with the Pan-EU registration and VAT settlements.

Paweł Bogaczewicz Paweł Bogaczewicz CEO | BOGATECO

After being dissatisfied with the services of another agency, we transferred our settlements to Taxology. Currently, our cooperation has lasted for more than two years and with full confidence we can recommend Taxology's services to all companies that need help with VAT registration and accounting in Europe.

Rafał Milczarczyk Managing Director | M&Z

We have been working with Taxology since early 2020. They are a partner who always listens to us and at the same time advises with visible concern for our company. In addition, we value the knowledge and experience of Taxology's experts, who completely support us in VAT settlements in many European countries. Thanks to them, we no longer have to deal with VAT settlements and its deadlines or handle the communication with the tax authorities. We are confident that our VAT settlement issues are in good hands.

Logo Soxo Karolina Bloch Manager of the Analysis and Controlling Department | SOXO

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Stay up to date with the latest tax law developments and trends in accounting, VAT for e-commerce and warehouse management.