Tax audits

Do you want to secure the tax position of your company or optimise your business processes? Take advantage of our analysis conducted by the experienced team of Taxology specialists.

Why is it advisable to conduct an external tax audit?

Frequent changes in domestic and foreign tax laws generate risks for internationally operating e-commerce companies. The purpose of a tax audit is to detect errors and apply any amendments/corrections in VAT settlements to mitigate the risk of disputes with tax authorities.

What do we review during a tax audit?

We analyse each client's needs individually and work out the exact scope of the audit. Among other things, the audit may include the verification of applicable VAT rates, the taxation country of transactions, documentation requirements or other tax issues.

Why is VAT compliance relevant?

When conducting cross-border e-commerce sales, sellers are at risk of disputes with tax authorities and in addition they are exposed to penalties, litigation costs and legal fees. In some countries, non-compliance penalties can be as high as 10% of the amount of the tax liability (even for a few days' delay).

Why should you outsource your tax audit to Taxology?

We have a team of experts, highly experienced in international tax regulations. Additionally, we will assist you in analysing your company's situation, providing insight into EU and UK VAT registrations and settlements. We will also verify the correctness of issued invoices, submitted INTRASTAT forms and foreign VAT recovery.

What do you gain by cooperating with Taxology?

During a tax audit, our experts will help you better understand the current situation of your company and identify potential errors and risks from a tax point of view.

Analysis of the current state of the company

We will thoroughly examine the company in terms of tax processes, find errors and potential risks


We ensure compliance of tax processes, VAT rates and guarantee that you can sleep peacefully in case of a tax audit

Expert support

In case you need to make VAT adjustments, we will guide you through every step

Does my company even need a tax audit?

If you have any doubts whether your company needs an audit, our experts are available to assist you with an initial assessment of the situation and determine your individual needs, completely free of charge.

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Trust is a key element in business partnerships. Due to our many years of experience, data security, as well as simple and transparent terms of cooperation, it is worth cooperating with us.

Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:

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