If you are already registered for VAT in a specific EU country, you need to submit VAT returns on a regular basis

Each country has specific VAT reporting rules
VAT rates
Reporting deadlines
Reporting periods and form of submitting declarations
Different FX conversion rules
step by step How is the VAT filings process in taxology?
Step 1 Automatic Amazon data download
By connecting via the API at the beginning of each month, the application automatically downloads sales data from the previous month. Taxology allows you to precisely monitor sales statistics, make thoughtful changes and improve your business development.
Step 2 Filling in product prices
In order to handle the deemed intra-community supplies and acquisition reporting, it is required to provide the purchase price of products sold. The application clearly indicates data that needs to be provided, so you don't waste time looking for any missing figures.
Step 3 VAT calculation and submission of the return to the tax office
The total VAT amount due in particular country is calculated by the taxology application. When VAT returns are submitted, all copies are archived and easily accessible through the client panel. Thanks to this, everything necessary for VAT settlement is in one place - in Taxology!

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