When does the obligation of VAT registration in another EU country arise?

1. Commodity storage in different European Union countries

The obligation to register as a VAT payer in other European Union country arises during selling commodity on Amazon in the FBA model when the goods are stored in a foreign Amazon storage. Registration should be made before selling goods from a given foreign storage (regardless of the value of goods sold).

2. Exceeding the limit of mail-order sales

When conducting foreign sales of goods, you should monitor the value of sales of goods shipped to individual European Union countries. The obligation to register for VAT taxation arises when the value of sales to a given EU country exceeds the limit specified in the regulations of that country. This is the so-called mail-order limit. Monitoring it has a significant impact on determining the correct way of taxing VAT on foreign e-commerce sales.

3. Voluntary VAT registration

Regardless of the value of sales of goods sent to other European Union countries, there is the possibility of voluntary registration for VAT purposes in those EU countries where your goods are sold. Choosing a VAT registration in other countries eliminates the no need to monitor mail order limits.

What if you need to register VAT in an EU country??

The registration procedure varies between EU member states. We can help you with this and register a company on your behalf in the countries of your choice. All you need to do is complete the country-specific set of documents sent by us and we will take care of VAT registration in the given EU country.

What happens if you do not register in another country even though such obligation has appeared?

Failing to register for VAT taxation despite the existing obligation may result in a number of negative legal and fiscal consequences, such as obligations to pay the outstanding tax along with interest, penalty fees, a ban on selling goods through the Amazon platform, etc.

step by step What is the VAT registration process in taxology?
Step 1 Fill out the form
Fill out the information form received from taxology to clarify the needs for VAT registration in European Union countries. It's a formality that will allow us to act on your behalf. We guide you through the entire registration process and you receive regular updates on the status of your registration.
Step 2 Provide taxology with the necessary documents
After receiving instructions from us with a list of documents that will allow us to register VAT, you simply send us the completed documents. From that moment, we take care of it fully, and you focus on developing your business.
Step 3 Start selling!
After successful registration for VAT transactions, you will receive a tax certificate. You can start to take full advantage of the commercial benefits offered by Amazon. You focus on earning, while we take care of your taxes. It's so simple.

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