See how Taxology can help you with VAT registration and settlements Do you sell your products to other European countries?

Behind any successful e-commerce business is a reliable infrastructure, including accounting services. Due to constant changes in regulations, this area can cause many difficulties, which is why we come with an effective solution that will facilitate running a business.

We will take care of your taxes taking into account the latest regulations.

Why is it worth working with us?
Many years of experience

We have a team of experts who are proficient in advising and settling VAT in all EU countries. You can count on our comprehensive support.

Official partner of the Amazon platform

We are the first company in Poland which become a certified supplier of Amazon in taxes field and we are among the 30 trusted suppliers of the leader in e-commerce sales in Europe.

Automation of settlements

Taxology handles over 6 million sales transactions annually and is currently one of the most advanced settlements tool available in Europe.

Registration and VAT settlements with Taxology

Step one – Examine your needs

  • Free consultation with an expert where you will find out which solutions are best suited to your company, we will also check whether you are eligible for VAT-OSS
  • You fill in the form that allows us to represent you
  • We explain the entire registration process step by step – you will learn the entire procedure in an easy way

Step two – Time to register

  • You provide us with the necessary documents according to the instructions we have prepared
  • We register you as an EU VAT payer in a given country or for the VAT-OSS procedure
  • You will receive information about the status of the application on a regular basis

Step three – You’re all set

  • After meeting all the requirements, you will receive your tax certificate
  • From now on, you can sell, among others on the Amazon platform
  • You earn – we take care of your settlements
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 main reasons that force registration for VAT: storage of goods and exceeding mail order sales to other European Union countries under the ESPO.

It is an official document issued by the tax office that confirms that the entity is registered for VAT purposes. In practice, it may be required for VAT registration in other EU countries (information from the Ministry's website - the so-called "white list" - is not honored). The instructions for obtaining the certificate can be found on this page -> -payer-vat

The registration process depends on the country, the current number of applications to a given office and possible restrictions in a given country. In most cases, the registration process should take up to 8 weeks from the moment the documents are completed and sent to the tax office.

VAT identification number (VAT number, VAT ID) identifies all companies and economic entities in the European Union and is necessary for intra-European trade and tax settlement.

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