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What is taxology?

taxology. is an innovative and fully automated application for web browsers that facilitates the efficient registration and settlement of VAT in all European Union countries. We offer tools that, thanks to careful and clear analysis of sales data, make the development of e-commerce as simple as possible.

taxology. does what business owners should not have to do.

With our help conducting e-commerce with exposure to other European Union countries will be much easier. We have the experience in helping small one-man businesses, which are just entering the market, as well as large companies, successfully operating on the Polish and foreign market for many years.


Our history

June 2016 The problem

We’ve met with the founder of Sushi Socks Box, Imię Nazwisko. For the first time, we collided with the problems that people running their business on Amazon FBA face every day.

January 2017 The beginning

For half a year talking with sellers, we’ve built our know-how. We are present at the largest conferences and devoted all our energy to expand our knowledge. All this, so that we can officially include VAT settlement services for Amazon FBA in our offer at the beginning of 2017. Initially, we focus only on settlements in Poland.

January 2018 Support for the entire EU

We respond to the growing needs of our users. We have learned over the past year. We begin to provide VAT Compliance services throughout the European Union.

June 2018 Automatization

Tomek Kwiatkowski, an experienced architect of BI solutions, joins our team. We conclude that the maximization of the automated processes will bring our services to a whole new level. We begin to analyse the possibilities of building a settlement platform. We start to create the application.

January 2019 Taxology is born

Taxology arises. It combines the know-how necessary for VAT Compliance support for e-commerces with the latest technological trends. We develop our application, correct errors, improve processes and maximize automation.

Meet our team

Liliana Nowaczek
Liliana Nowaczek Chief Executive Officer

Kamil Kempisty
Kamil Kempisty Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Tomasz Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Kwiatkowski Chief Technology Officer

Tomasz Połeć
Tomasz Połeć Tax advisor

Izabela Makowska
Izabela Makowska Business Development Manager

Adam Grabiński
Adam Grabiński Marketing Manager

Agnieszka Domarańczyk
Agnieszka Domarańczyk VAT Compliance Manager

Michał Doruch
Michał Doruch VAT Compliance Manager

Zaufali nam

Each day, we strive to maintain the highest quality of our services.

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