VAT OSS - registration and settlement

We will help you determine whether the simplified VAT OSS procedure will be the most suitable solution for your business. We will take the responsibility of registration and settlement process with the tax authorities so you can peacefully focus on developing your business.

Taxology's VAT OSS settlement process in 3 easy steps:

Discover how we conveniently handle the VAT OSS registration and settlement process for clients.


Situation analysis

We delve deep into your company’s current situation. We figure out your needs and tailor the optimal set of solutions, followed by an action plan and signing an agreement.


Registration and authorization to download data

We complete the necessary documents and register your company for VAT OSS. Then you authorise the Taxology app to download your sales data.


Periodic VAT OSS settlements

We ensure timely and fully compliant VAT OSS settlements. We automatically download sales data, categorise transactions and assign basic VAT rates according to the country of taxation.

How do you benefit from working with Taxology?

As a team of experienced experts, we ensure that you are fully compliant with regulations and provide transparent tax compliance guidelines.


You can be confident that your calculations are accurate and your VAT settlement will be on time each month.


Your involvement in the VAT settlement process will be reduced to the necessary minimum

Peace of mind

We will make sure you are on time with your settlement, making sure that you never face any penalties

Leave your VAT OSS settlements to the experts and focus on your business expansion

At Taxology we understand that your top priority is business development. Thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired from working with many companies together with the help of our Taxology application, your involvement in settlements is reduced to a bare minimum.

Who has placed their trust in us:

Trust is a key element in business partnerships. Due to our many years of experience, data security, as well as simple and transparent terms of cooperation, it is worth cooperating with us.

Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:

You have the full support of the experienced Taxology team for consulting services.

We help e-commerce companies solve problems and make key decisions on accounting and tax issues.


What are the most common questions clients ask about the VAT OSS?

Is it mandatory to use VAT OSS?

No, the seller registers for VAT OSS voluntarily. Make an appointment for a free consultation and find out if you can also benefit from VAT OSS.

Can I register for VAT OSS before exceeding the €10,000 threshold?

Yes, it is possible to waive the supply threshold and settle foreign sales using the VAT OSS procedure as early as the first transaction. Find out more

Can I cancel my foreign VAT registration after opting for the VAT OSS scheme?

Yes, provided that you do not warehouse goods in that country and such country is not your company’s headquarters.

Is it profitable for me to register for VAT OSS?

As a general rule, it is more beneficial to settle foreign sales through the VAT OSS system than to register and settle VAT in individual EU countries. On the other hand, it depends on many factors. Schedule a free consultation, during which we will answer all your questions concerning VAT OSS.

Do I settle my entire sales through VAT OSS?

No, when using the VAT OSS procedure, you settle sales between different EU countries under the B2C model, i.e. to the retail consumer.

Do B2B sales fall under the VAT OSS procedure settlement?

No, B2B transactions are settled according to EU Saleslist.

Will VAT declared in VAT OSS be paid to the same account as my local declaration?

No, there is an assigned EUR account number dedicated to pay the VAT declared in the VAT OSS.

Who can settle VAT OSS on behalf of my company?

VAT OSS can be settled by any person holding a special power of attorney to file VAT OSS returns.