Our dedicated Taxology application will help you settle VAT

A user-friendly system that supports the VAT settlement process for e-commerce sellers. Thanks to its direct integration, it automatically downloads data from Amazon. The application was developed together with our tax advisors, and as a result it is equipped with features that guarantee the correctness of the generated VAT calculations.

How exactly does the Taxology application support e-commerce?

We have designed the VAT settlement process so that your involvement is as minimal as possible. With the automation and support of the Taxology team, it only takes a few minutes of your time each month to settle VAT across Europe.


By integrating with marketplace platforms such as Amazon, we will automatically download your sales data. Instead of preparing the reports yourself, you can spend the time you save on more critical business challenges.

Advanced algorithm

Our advanced algorithm carefully analyzes the integrated data. It assigns tax classifications, determines the country of taxation, validates the correctness of VAT rates, and, if anomalies are detected, flags transactions requiring attention. We fully guarantee that the calculations are reliable and compliant.


You have access to extensive reports that are easily generated directly from the application. The reports we have prepared are specifically designed to simplify your accountant’s work in Poland. If predefined reports are not enough, our IT department will develop data to address even the most complex needs.

Documents repository

As part of our VAT settlement service offering, Taxology handles all correspondence with tax authorities across Europe. The application supports this process. All correspondence sent by the offices is scanned, interpreted and uploaded to the application. As a result, users of our app have a convenient repository of documents relating to VAT settlements and registrations.

Monitoring the VAT registration process

The app's users have access to a dedicated dashboard that allows them to control the VAT registration process. Thanks to the functionality, Taxology's clients can verify the current status of their VAT registration on an ongoing basis. In addition, all documentation necessary for the registration process, including VAT registration certificates, are stored within this feature.

What do you gain from the Taxology app?

We have made sure that the app's functionalities deliver substantial value to companies operating on an international scale. The app's features have been designed under the watchful eye of experienced tax and accounting consultants.

Save time

Automatic data retrieval, assigning the tax classification and country.


Verification of VAT rates by the app’s algorithm and automatic payment reminders

Ready-made reports

Access to full reports with transactions already categorised for accounting

Are you interested in the Taxology application?

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Trust is a key element in business partnerships. Due to our many years of experience, data security, as well as simple and transparent terms of cooperation, it is worth cooperating with us.

Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:
Who has placed their trust in us:


Is it necessary to install the application on my computer?

No, it is a browser-based application that you can access anytime, anywhere from any device with internet access.

Can several users (e.g., an accountant) have access to the app?

Yes, you can grant access to the application for several people who require access to sales data, reports or VAT returns.

Are there reports in the application available for accounting?

Once you log into the application, you have full access to declarations, sales reports or properly classified transactions and VAT rates for your accounting department.

How can I be sure that the Taxology app's settlements are performed correctly?

The application, thanks to its built-in validation algorithms, detects all transactions that may have incorrect attributes, such as VAT rate or country of taxation. Thanks to this functionality, we can be confident that all transactions will be taxed correctly.