Customer Panel

The main goal of implementing the Customer Panel is to bring closer, facilitate and automate the VAT settlement process. The easy-to-use application allows you to go through the VAT settlement process in just a few minutes. Thanks to the integration with Amazon, there is no need to manually load sales files. The system will automatically download data, calculate VAT and prepare clear and precise reports.

However, VAT settlements are only the beginning, our goal is to provide you with a tool that will make the complex world of finance easy and understandable. An application thanks to which the correct taxation of e-commerce sales will become simple and easy to understand.

Source data editing

The Taxology application automatically downloads sales data from Amazon, but before we start calculating everything for the needs of the appropriate VAT calculation, we give you the opportunity to correct and edit the data. Thanks to the built-in validation algorithms, our application detects all transactions that may have incorrectly assigned attributes, such as the VAT rate or the country of taxation. Thanks to this functionality, we are sure that all transactions will be properly taxed.


Accurate data presentation is a key aspect to fully understand the business. For this reason, we have prepared a set of reports that, on the one hand, will allow you to verify sales results and, at the same time, help finance and accounting departments to easily include e-commerce data in monthly settlements.
The reports prepared by us contain classified, converted and grouped sales transactions. Thanks to them, you can easily locate:

  • VAT Summary
  • VAT Transactions in the EU
  • Shipments of existing goods
  • Daily sales
  • Sales outside the EU

The list of reports is constantly expanded.

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