VAT Slovakia 2024

  • Last update: 23.02.2024
  • Published: 19.12.2022
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VAT (value-added tax) on the sale of goods and services was introduced in Slovakia in 1993. As of today, the standard VAT rate in Slovakia is 20%, with certain products and services subject to reduced rates of 10% and 0% for selected services related to intra-Community transport. In the following article, we will cover the most important VAT issues in Slovakia, list the VAT rates and describe the registration and VAT settlement process in this country.

VAT Slovakia 2024

The standard VAT rate in Slovakia

The standard VAT rate in Slovakia, which applies to most products and services, is 20%. It applies to all goods and services that do not fall under the reduced VAT rate of 10% or the 0% rate.

A reduced 10% VAT rate in Slovakia

The 10% VAT rate in Slovakia, among other things, covers such products and services as:

  • selected foods (e.g. meat, fish, and dairy products)
  • medical and therapeutic equipment for the handicapped people
  • selected pharmaceutical drugs
  • books, newspapers and other printed publications, with the exception of publications containing 50% of advertising content
  • selected hotel and other accommodation-related services
  • products and services offered by non-govermental organisations recognised as bodies providing public goods

A reduced 0% VAT rate in Slovakia

As in other EU countries such as Germany, Croatia, Romania or Austria, Slovakia has a 0% VAT rate for selected services related to the export and transport of people and goods.

When is it necessary to pay VAT in Slovakia?

Similar to other Central and Eastern European countries, Slovakia is a steadily growing e-commerce market. According to data from Statista, the projected growth between 2023 and 2027 is expected to remain above 12%. Although the country is relatively small, it has a high level of market penetration, resulting in more and more e-commerce companies choosing to sell in the country.

User behaviour in terms of the types of products they purchase, plays an important role here. The most popular categories in Slovakia are mainly electronics (34%), fashion (24%), furniture and home accessories (16%), as well as cosmetics and food (10%).

If you plan on expanding sales to this country and competing with Slovak companies, you may be required to register and settle VAT there. So when does this obligation arise?

Firstly, if a company warehouses goods in Slovakia, they must also settle VAT there. This applies both to the use of the company’s own warehouses and anytime the goods are warehoused by Slovak companies providing fulfilment services.

Secondly, there is an obligation to settle VAT in Slovakia if the total sales of goods to EU countries within the intra-community distance sales of goods exceed €10,000. However, this option allows VAT to be settled with both the Slovak Tax Office and the VAT OSS procedure, which allows e-commerce companies to simplify VAT settlement within the EU.

Deadlines for filing VAT returns and paying VAT in Slovakia

Monthly VAT returns and payments in Slovakia should be submitted by the 25th of the month following the accounting period.

The VAT registration process in Slovakia

As a foreign entity, in order to register for VAT in Slovakia, a complete set of documents is required, which include:

  • Applying for VAT registration
  • A document confirming VAT registration in another EU country
  • Excerpt from the national commercial register ( as well as a version translated into Slovakian)
  • Document confirmig your identity (identity card or passport)

It is important to note that this process should be done prior to starting any business activity that requires being a Slovakian VAT payer.

If the documents are submitted correctly, the process should not take more than a month.

Potential penalties and interest charged for incorrect declarations or late VAT payments in Slovakia

Late submission of VAT returns, inaccurate returns or late payment of VAT are subject to fines ranging from €30 to €16,000.

In exceptional circumstances, e.g. during a VAT audit or when a declaration has not been filed upon request, the penalty can be as high as €32,000.

Tax office in Slovakia

VAT applications can be submitted electronically, by post or in person at the office under the address:

Daňový úrad Bratislava

Ševčenkova 32, 850 00 Petržalka

Intrastat in Slovakia

In addition to registering and settling VAT in Slovakia, some companies may also be required to report Intrastat. These reports contain information about the import and export of goods between EU countries and the movement of own goods between warehouses in different countries.

This obligation occurs once the amount of €200,000 on imports, or €400,000 on exports, has exceeded.

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