Extra-EU export of goods on Amazon

  • Last update: 23.02.2024
  • Published: 10.08.2020
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The benefits of selling goods on the Amazon platform seem obvious, and the dynamic development of the company that decides to cooperate with this global giant is the most important of them. By listing your goods on Amazon, you make it easier for potential buyers around the world to find and buy them. To be sure that your activities comply with the formal requirements in force in the target countries, see how the export of goods outside the EU works at Amazon.

Extra-EU export of goods on Amazon

Global sales on Amazon

Amazon Global Selling is a service that enables you to sell your products on global markets – you don’t have to limit yourself to the European Union alone, as the Amazon platform allows you to exhibit and export products to North America, Europe and Asia. All you need to do is set up a global sales account and you can start growing your business! Amazon provides several sales platforms, also outside Europe: in the USA, Canada and Mexico and Japan, China and India.

Learn about potential export restrictions

If you want to deliver goods to foreign countries – in this case outside the European Union – you are obliged to verify possible import restrictions imposed by countries. You must be sure that the goods sold are fully legal and acceptable in the target country. To avoid delays and unpleasant complications, Amazon introduces restrictions on the export of selected groups of goods and types of products that are considered potentially risky. The selection is made according to the specific country to which you want to export your products. Special attention is paid:

  • alcohol,
  • weapons and their elements and accessories,
  • chemical preparations,
  • medicines and supplements, often also food,
  • medical and diagnostic equipment.

If you have any doubts about whether your goods can be imported in the target country outside the European Union, check the individual restrictions applied in it. They may also result from transport difficulties – this is mainly the case of oversized or dangerous goods. If you want to develop your business on international markets and present your offer to customers from all over the world, you need to know the conditions of import in the countries to which you address your goods. It is important for you to know the customs requirements as well as the applicable import taxes, duties or other charges levied by the destination country.

Taxation of goods exported outside the EU with Amazon

The Polish VAT rate in the case of exporting goods outside the European Union is 0% if the recipients of the goods are individual customers and entities which are not VAT payers in their country. In order to benefit from the zero rate, you must have a document confirming the export of goods outside the European Union. When you decide to export goods outside the EU with Amazon, you take a serious step in the development of your business and enter unknown areas of business. You have to meet the requirements of individual countries and learn about the rules in force in them to be able to sell legally and profitably abroad.

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