What is the Amazon Vine Program?

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  • Published: 03.01.2024
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In the e-commerce industry, it’s obvious that customers are more likely to reach for products that include reviews from other consumers. Therefore, for many external sellers who sell on Amazon, the challenge that slows down sales is precisely the reviews, or rather their absence.

However, in this situation, the platform itself comes to the aid of sellers with a valuable tool, which is Amazon Vine. Vine is a program that allows obtaining opinions about products from credible reviewers, in exchange for free products. So, if you want to learn more about what the Vine program is, we invite you to read on!

What is Amazon Vine?

From this article you will learn:

  • What is Amazon Vine?
  • What conditions must a seller meet to join the Vine program?
  • Who are Vine Voices?
  • How to become a product tester in the Amazon Vine program?
  • What fees are associated with Vine program membership?

What is the Amazon Vine program about?

Amazon Vine is a program launched by Amazon in 2007, which involves reviewing products available to Amazon customers. Originally this option was available in the Amazon Vendor model, but since November 2019, it is also accessible to sellers in the Amazon Seller program.

If you want to find out exactly what Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller programs are, we encourage you to read our article – Amazon Seller Central vs Amazon Vendor Central: differences, disadvantages, and advantages.

Within the Amazon Vine program, sellers and manufacturers pay membership fees and provide new goods, which can then be ordered by Amazon Vine reviewers for testing, culminating in the issuance of product reviews.

However, it should be noted that if you want to join the Amazon Vine program, as a seller you must meet several conditions.

What conditions must sellers meet to join the Amazon Vine program?

Sellers who want to join the Vine program must first meet several conditions that will enable them to obtain opinions from trusted reviewers.

A key condition is providing new products on Amazon. New, in the sense that their condition must be “new”.

Additionally, products submitted for testing in Amazon Vine cannot have more than 30 reviews. If they have 20, it is possible to obtain a maximum of 10 new ones.

The Vine program is intended for sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, which means they must have their own brand or trademark registered. More on this topic can be read in our article – What is Amazon Brand Registry?.

Moreover, products must have descriptions and photos. Products in Amazon Vine must meet requirements, e.g., they must be available to all Amazon customers, not just adults.

How to submit a product to Amazon Vine?

If sellers want to obtain reviews from Amazon Vine customers, they must first submit their new products for review. This can be done through the Seller Central account by selecting the “Vine” option in the “Advertising” tab, then entering the ASIN and the number of products you want to submit. The last step is the acceptance of the application by Amazon.

However, it should be remembered that the product submitted to Amazon Vine must meet the previously described conditions.

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Who are Vine Voices and how to become a product tester in the Vine program?

Apart from sellers, a key link in the Amazon Vine program are also Vine Voices, i.e., trusted product testers. Importantly, it is Amazon that decides who becomes a Vine Voice by sending an invitation to join the program, and bases its decisions on the regularity, quantity, and helpfulness of the reviews issued by the buyer.

Therefore, if you want to become a product tester in Amazon Vine, the first step is to write reviews – credible reviews – after purchasing products on the Amazon website.

It should also be remembered that as a Vine Voice you will receive free products, but you are not obliged to leave reviews. Moreover, once you do, you are not necessarily required to write a positive review. The most important thing is that it is true and reflects your feelings.

Moreover, reviews issued by Vine Voices are distinguished by the “Amazon Vine” marker among others, which further influences the purchasing decisions of potential customers.

Amazon Vine Fees

Sellers on the Amazon platform who use the Amazon Vine program will not avoid costs. These vary depending, among other things, on whether they are entrepreneurs using Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central.

In the case of the latter, the fees associated with registration differ depending on the region, and registering products in Vine is a price of around $1250 per ASIN.

On the other hand, speaking of Amazon Vine fees in Seller Central on Amazon, you need to consider the number of products for which sellers want to obtain reviews:

  • 1-2 products and a maximum of 2 reviews cost 0 EUR.
  • 3-10 products and a maximum of 10 reviews cost 70 EUR.
  • 11-30 products and a maximum of 30 reviews cost 170 EUR.

The fee on Amazon is charged for the parent ASIN of the product, and the seller will be charged a fee after 7 days from the date of receiving the product review. If, however, he registered his product in Amazon Vine but did not receive a review within 90 days of receiving the product by the customer, the fee will not be charged.

Amazon Vine VAT Taxation

Not always the free issuance of goods is tax-neutral. Each EU country in its internal regulations may establish a limit on the value of free goods issued. In the case of exceeding the limit, issuing freebies may be subject to VAT. Therefore, when using the Amazon Vine program, it is necessary to verify what the VAT exemption limit is in the country where the products are issued.

What is the Amazon Vine Program? - Summary

Many sellers try to obtain reviews of their products through social media contests or by collaborating and using the services of professional content creators. However, this is not necessary on Amazon, which offers the Amazon Vine program, allowing the acquisition of various items in exchange for their free shipping. In turn, the feedback itself comes from so-called Vine Voices, i.e., reviewers whom Amazon has invited to participate in the program, based on their previous activity related to issuing reviews, their number, or helpfulness.

However, it should be remembered that not all products can receive reviews in the Vine program, and sellers who would like to obtain opinions with its help must count on fees, as this program may not turn out to be free.

What is also important is that during sales on the Amazon platform or other marketplace service, VAT is an integral element. If you need support in matters related to it, such as registrations, settlements, or declarations, or in matters related to VAT OSS or e-commerce accounting, we will be happy to help. Schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you, and our VAT Compliance specialists will take care of the rest!

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