Tools, Features, and Services to Facilitate Your Sales on Kaufland Global Marketplace

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  • Published: 12.12.2023
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Kaufland Global Marketplace, an online sales platform belonging to the Schwarz Group, is one of the largest marketplace platforms in Europe. It can even be described as a multi-marketplace, as it offers sales opportunities in several countries’ markets. According to Similarweb data as of December 11, 2023, nearly 35 million visitors per month use the German Kaufland platform alone, and it should be added that recently Schwarz Group has expanded the Kaufland network and also launched other versions of this platform – Slovak ( and Czech (

As a result, sellers regularly seek ways to improve the sales process and increase their visibility on the platform, which often leads to improved sales results. So, if you’re looking for ways to streamline these processes and what tools Kaufland offers for this purpose, you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what we focus on in this article! However, if you’re planning to just appear on this platform, check out our article – How to Sell on Kaufland?.

Tools, Features, and Services to Facilitate Your Sales on Kaufland Global Marketplace

Logistics and Sales on the Kaufland Service - Fulfillment by Kaufland

A common solution in the e-commerce industry’s logistical aspect is to choose services under the e-commerce fulfillment banner. This term means the takeover by an external company of all or part of the logistics tasks – from warehousing to shipping goods and customer service, including returns made by them.

Interestingly, some marketplaces offer such solutions themselves, with the most well-known being Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). However, importantly, the marketplace network also provides fulfillment solutions, known as Fulfillment by Kaufland (FBK). Therefore, if your company does not have its own storage space or you want to save resources that you would normally allocate to logistical processes, FBK might be the perfect solution, especially if you focus on markets where many Kaufland facilities are available, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria.

What are the Costs of Fulfillment by Kaufland?

The costs associated with choosing fulfillment services offered to Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers cannot be directly priced, as they vary depending on the size, weight, or area occupied by the sellers’ products stored in warehouses. Therefore, you should contact Kaufland Global Marketplace directly in this matter, and you can read more about FBK at this address.

Read more about e-commerce fulfillment in our article – What is e-commerce fulfillment?

Mandatory Service of Collecting Old Devices, and Online Sales on the Kaufland Global Marketplace

Sellers on the Kaufland marketplace platform must remember the obligation of free collection or return of old electrical and electronic devices from their customers. However, the service itself comes to the aid of Kaufland sellers:

  • logistical processes related to the collection of old devices,
  • communication with customers regarding the above processes,
  • recycling and disposal of the collected equipment.

It is worth emphasizing that this service is currently offered by the marketplace network and is not available on the Slovak and Czech versions of the service.

How do Costs Relate to the Collection and Disposal Service of Old Devices on the Kaufland Global Marketplace Platform?

However, it should be remembered that Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers who have decided to use the service related to the collection and disposal of old equipment offered by this marketplace platform will face costs.

These depend on the size of the device and the type of company that will handle this process:

  • in the case of a courier company, it is 23 EUR net + VAT,
  • in the case of a freight company, it is 79 EUR net + VAT.

The aforementioned costs are settled from the funds on the platform and are included in the monthly commission settlements.

Need help with VAT or e-commerce accounting?

Need help with VAT or e-commerce accounting?

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Selling on the Kaufland Platform and Ads - Sponsored Product Ads

The Kaufland sales platform also offers online sellers the opportunity to advertise their products on the site. This tool is called Sponsored Product Ads and is based on the CPC (Cost per Click) model, where the cost depends on the number of clicks in the sponsored ad. The minimum CPC cost is 1 cent, but the final price depends on the competition present in the product category in which entrepreneurs want to advertise their offers. Meanwhile, the displays themselves are free.

Add that the advertisement in Kaufland Sponsored Product Ads itself consists of displaying the advertiser’s offers in the search results depending on the keyword entered. In addition, advertisers can continuously analyze campaign data and optimize it depending on the results.

Kaufland Sales Platform - Additional Advertising and Sales Opportunities

Apart from Kaufland Sponsored Product Ads, you can also advertise your products outside the Kaufland marketplace platform, in other company channels, such as social media or newsletters. Those interested in such cooperation can contact the platform at The costs of such advertising depend on its complexity – sales channels or campaign length.

Kaufland Global Marketplace - Integrations and Partnerships

If you plan to launch sales on the Kaufland Global Marketplace platform or have already done so, you may be interested to know that this service has many available software integrations that provide support to the seller. In the Polish market, the most well-known solutions with which Kaufland Marketplace can be integrated are Shoper and BaseLinker.

In addition, Kaufland facilitates cooperation with partner companies that offer seller support in terms of translations, preparing legal texts, etc. You can find more information on this on the Kaufland website.

How to Improve Your Visibility and Sales on the Kaufland Marketplace Platform? - Summary

Kaufland is a multi-marketplace that offers the opportunity to conduct sales in several European markets. Initially, only sales in the German market were possible, but now Kaufland also has Czech and Slovak versions. Moreover, is visited by over 30 million online customers per month. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many sellers decide to set up a seller account on this platform and conduct sales of products not only through their online store but also on Kaufland.

Once entrepreneurs have registered and started listing their offers, they may want to increase their visibility and sales, and these parameters can be improved by the tools offered by the platform itself. Among them are the possibility of sponsored advertising of their products and the commissioning of all logistical processes to the service as part of Fulfillment by Kaufland (FBK).

However, it must be remembered that selling on Kaufland to private customers from other countries, like on other marketplace platforms, involves tax obligations. So, if you plan to expand your business or are already selling abroad and need support in e-commerce accounting or VAT tax, schedule a consultation, and our VAT Compliance specialists will help you and your company with registrations, settlements, and VAT and VAT OSS declarations!

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