Amazon VAT Calculation Service vs Taxology – see why we’re the ones you should trust with your company’s VAT settlements

  • Last update: 27.03.2024
  • Published: 04.01.2022
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Do you run an e-commerce business and your customers are based in the European Union? Are VAT settlements keeping you up at night? Keep calm, take a deep breath and see what you stand to gain from cooperating with Taxology. Find out the differences between the Amazon VAT Calculation Service and the interdisciplinary and comprehensive support of Taxology’s specialists.

Amazon VAT Calculation Service vs Taxology - comparison

What is the Amazon VAT Calculation Service?

To meet customer expectations, Amazon has introduced a range of VAT support services called Amazon VAT Calculation Services. However, these services have certain limits. Indeed, Amazon will register you as a VAT payer and file a VAT return for you, but only under the condition that your goods are shipped to recipients in certain EU countries.

What does this mean? Amazon’s service is not comprehensive. Entrepreneurs who have customers based in e.g. Austria and the Netherlands. If you chose the Amazon VAT Calculation Service and you sell goods to these countries, you will have to handle the VAT settlement on your own. This is an additional burden for you.

The restriction of the Amazon VAT Calculation Service to only selected countries is not the only setback you may encounter. Building brand awareness can also be problematic. When using Amazon’s services, you are doomed to one invoice template and you cannot even place your own logo on it.

Do you know that feeling when you are waiting for a response from customer support? More days pass by and your inbox is still empty? Not wonder that we are frustrated in such situations. Thankfully there is something you can do about it – choose to work with Taxology and find out what professional customer support is all about.

Do you sell goods to various EU countries, including Austria or the Netherlands? Do you want to make sure that your VAT is settled correctly in these countries as well? Opt for a VAT Compliance service provided by Taxology.

VAT Compliance for e-commerce by Taxology

What makes the VAT Compliance service offered by Taxology different? Its undisputed advantage is its comprehensiveness. We offer holistic support to entrepreneurs selling goods across the European Union. You will find that our VAT Compliance service is exactly what your business needs!

We settle VAT throughout the European Union

Unlike Amazon VAT Calculation Services, we are not limited to only selected countries. It does not matter whether your goods are shipped to France, Germany or Austria. Together with us, you will easily settle VAT in any EU country. Find out that with us VAT Compliance is not as complicated as they paint it.

We know the tax systems of every EU country inside out!

Entrust Taxology with your foreign VAT settlement and you can sleep peacefully. Our experts are constantly monitoring tax regulations in all EU countries as well as the UK. They easily deal with issues such as the reverse charge mechanism for B2B supplies in France or regular verification of customers’ VAT numbers for untaxed B2B supplies within the EU community.

Do you need advice? We are at your service!

When choosing a provider offering support in the area of VAT settlements, you are probably guided by a variety of criteria, e.g. the price of the service and its scope. You also want the opportunity to quickly ask your consultant about any issues that are bothering you. After all, time is of the essence in this situation, and as we all know – in business, time equals money.

As part of the VAT Compliance package, you receive email support. Our team will respond to your request within 48h. Do you need answers immediately? Choose the VAT Compliance+ package! And get a response in your inbox within 6h of your request.

Intuitive application - your command centre

The automation of the VAT settlement process in all EU countries has just become a reality. You no longer need to manually enter your sales data using Amazon. Thanks to the integration of our tool with the sales platform, the entire process is done in a flash.

You can always access all your tax return information at any time and anywhere. In our dedicated Taxology app, you will find archived copies of your submitted VAT returns. You also get access to detailed reports concerning sales transactions.

Want to find out more about the VAT Compliance service provided by Taxology? Schedule a free consultation!

Tomasz Połeć Tomasz is a co-founder of Taxology and a tax advisor (license No. 12104), with 15+ years of experience in Polish and international consulting firms. Leveraging his expertise from numerous tax reviews and audits, he offers proficient tax advisory services to e-commerce companies. He specializes in advising on VAT and CIT settlements in e-commerce and logistics.